Published Journal Articles

Costa López, Julia (2023). Sources of Empire: Negotiating History and Fiction in the Writing of Historical IR. Cambridge Review of International Affairs Available on Online First:

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Costa López, Julia. (2021) Of Sovereign Kings and Propertied Subjects: Beginnings and Alternatives: Chapter 1: Legal Imagination in a Christian World, European Journal of International Law, Volume 32, Issue 3 Pages 949–956,

Related Publications

Costa López, Julia (2023) The Premodern World. in Mlada Bukovansky, Edward Keene, Christian Reus-Smit and Maja Spanu (eds) The Oxford Handbook of History and International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. You can download a pre-publication version here.

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Costa López, Julia (2016) Beyond Eurocentrism and Orientalism: Revisiting the Othering of Jews and Muslims through Medieval Canon Law. Review of International Studies, Vol. 42 No. 3, pp. 450-470. You can download it here.